about the brand

Purley Studio is a brand with a mission to create quality fashion pieces that tell a story. Working with small family-run factories across Central Asia, Purley Studio combines rich oriental motifs with sleek vintage-inspired forms to bring timeless staples to your wardrobe.

Our debut collection presents handcrafted fine sterling silver gold-plated jewelry, embellished with ethically sourced semi-precious stones from across the world.

Is it time to start your heirloom collection?

At Purley Studio, we wanted to create a collection you will be proud to pass down the generation. No two jewelry pieces are the same, making for a truly one-of-a-kind story.

About the founder

Daria Purley

Daria Purley is a Turkmen-Canadian designer and founder of Purley Studio. Inspired by traditional Turkmen motifs, Daria wanted to create unique pieces that incorporate the diverse artistry of her heritage into accessible contemporary designs. Her commitment to sustainability and ethical practices sets Purley Studio apart as a fresh, independent brand that brings something new to the fashion market. Each item is crafted in small batches in partnership with independent family-run workshops and factories across Turkmenistan and Turkey, bringing forth not only authentic but fair-trade designs for the world to enjoy.

Daria is also a singer-songwriter, and is well versed across various visual mediums from an early age, enabling her to conceptualize her designs.

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